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    1. UNILEVER Nicaragua

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    Direction: 10 Carr. Nueva León, Cd. Sandino, Nicaragua

    Telephone: +505 7825 9760

    Type: Department store

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    We help you choose seedling sales in Managua

    Who better than us to explain how Managua works? If you're looking for seedling sales in Managua, you've come to the right place!
    We are in a city that has a very good quality of life, because we have good schools, hospitals, security... In spite of the problems that our city has gone through, such as the earthquake in 1972, we do not change the way we treat foreigners who come to spend a few days or to move! The capital of Nicaragua has more than one million inhabitants and is thus the main economic and social source of the country. Don't miss the most emblematic places such as the National Historical Park Loma de Tiscapa.
    Apart from the more general things that you will find in many other websites, only in you will get the information that not any other website can offer you, because we are a young team that lives here and knows all the particularities of Managua.
    Start reading us now!